A Home from Home - Loving Care and Individual Attention

Please read our Terms and Conditions.


We will require proof of vaccination at the time of boarding, including

booster for Feline Flu & Enteritis.


Only cats from the same household may share a pen.


We regret that un-neutered male cats over the age of seven months cannot be accepted for boarding.


We recommend that you treat your cat for fleas and worms prior to boarding.


For safety reasons, please remove collars prior to your cats stay


Individual diets are catered for and we try to feed as close to home diets as possible. Any medical treatment prescribed by owners or a veterinary surgeon can continue during your cats stay.


Veterinary attendance is assured. Should any cat show signs of ill health during its stay we will seek veterinary treatment where necessary. This treatment is chargeable to the owner and will be added to their final bill. 


It must be noted that whilst every care and attention is given to all cats throughout the duration of their stay, owners leave them at their own risk.

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