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During your cat’s holiday, he or she will enjoy the very best care and attention.


We aim to build a trusting relationship with you and your pet and we’ll do everything possible to make them feel comfortable ‘at home’.


We take care to spend time with every cat to ensure your treasured pet has a pleasurable stay. 


We’ll monitor their behaviour, eating habits and toilet routine - then record it all for future reference.


At Home and Away Cattery, hygiene and cleanliness remain the utmost importance.


Tell us about your pet…


We encourage you to provide us with as much information on your cat as you wish, so that your cat can enjoy life away - in a way that’s close to home!

At Home and Away Cattery, you can feel confident that your cat is in the safest hands.

Whether you’re enjoying a seasonal holiday, on a short business trip or just away for one night, we aim to leave you worry-free to focus on your own event – and confident in the knowledge that your cat is well looked after in a safe, friendly environment.


A real home from home.


The cattery is set in a calm, quiet and peaceful area – we’re in the heart of the Dorset countryside.

We can supply all bedding and toys, but you're welcome to bring your pet’s own scratch post, favourite playthings – anything, in fact, that you feel will help settle your cat into a wonderful holiday of its own.


Singles or doubles?


Cats can be booked in to single or double pens on a first-come-first-served basis.

The single pens have a ladder leading up to its house, where your cat will probably choose to sleep. Beds can be provided by us – or bring your pet’s own.

Double pens are much larger and do not have a ladder, but there’s a flap on the floor; these pens are often better suited for older and less athletic cats.

Both houses have windows looking out into the pen, and heaters for frosty nights.


Ready to order?


At Home and Away Cattery, individual diets are catered for. We try to provide a close match for your cat's regular menu. 


Only the Best Care:


The cattery is close to our house, so your cat is continually monitored. Any medical treatment prescribed by owners or a veterinary surgeon can continue here. Please don't hesitate to contact us before or during your cat's stay with any questions or concerns - we're more than happy to help!


Cats Only!


A very important feature of the cattery is that we do not board dogs.

Your cat will not be disturbed or frightened by barking.


Our thanks to you…


Thank you for visiting our site we do hope you will find it useful

As a cat owner myself, I treat each cat as if it were my own.


… and your thanks to us:


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